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Humans is an underground community of ambitious coaches and savvy leaders striving to become mavericks and trailblazers in their industries.
A mastermind for the mavericks, the magnates
and the misunderstood.

With Humans,it is our hope to shrink the massive distance between the entry level employee, the entrepreneur and the busy executive, allowing for a safe place where education, good conversation and a meshing of perspectives can happen organically.

Which, ultimately, leads me to you... 

You’re reading this right now because someone somewhere sees something in you or looks up to you or inspires to be you. It’s why you got an invite. My question for you is... 

What are you going to do about it?

Exclusive access to all LEON-made content.

LEON isn’t just SaaS. We’re a one stop shop for entrepreneurs, executives and coaches hungry for badass educational content you can’t find anywhere else.

We’re spending millions curating webinars, podcasts, articles and academic discussions led by some of the brightest minds and companies in the world.

You won’t find it on Linkedin or Medium or some weekly newsletter. Nope. It lives here and here alone.

Say cheese.

A healthy, much needed, kick-in-the-ass.

Trendy business magazines, beanie wearing bloggers and Linkedin Thought leaders asshats like to preach work-life balance. Yet, all their content is focused on the former: work.

The reality is that *80% of employees hate their job. At HUMANS, we recognize this isn’t just a work issue but a happiness issue. A good portion of our content is focused on your mental, physical and emotional health… not your goddamn productivity.

Shelve the networking.

Rant, rave, riff, repeat.

You might join for the content. But, you’ll find yourself sticking around for the humans. With Humans we are creating a community that cultivates deeper human connection and good conversation over a “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” networking mentality that so much of social media have become.

Sure. One-of-a-kind job opportunities will arise. Lifelong friendships and masterminds will form. Collaborations will be made. But, only organically, as a side-effect, of treating one another as a means in and of themselves and not a means to something else. 

Are you ready?

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This might just be the longest headline you’ve ever read. But, let’s talk for a second about the dinner party and the most interesting folks we run into at the dinner party. Generally, they’re smart as hell, they know quite a bit about a lot of things and they’re brilliant conversationalists that you want to keep talking to after the plates have been washed and neatly stowed away. Humans, more or less, makes you that person. So, if you don’t join for any other reason, join to become the most interesting person at the dinner party or the boardroom or whatever room you decide to step into looking fly as hell and destined to own.
But, we digress