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He wears cool hats, Bryan Smith is the founder of LEON and Humans.

German House loving, Teija Been runs the show for design at LEON.

Cole Schafer, a writer and adman teaching 19,003 marketers and entrepreneurs how to sell like hell with the written word.

Bradford Wilinks Chief People Office at Loadsmart, and one bad ass poker player.

Jessica lynne  fashion designer and creative director for one of the largest D2C brands today.

Founder of the Burnout Clinic, Duncan So has been widely recognized as a leading innovator in mental health.

Former CTO and co-founder at Aircall.io, Xavier Durand, really loves French wine and baguettes.

Running coach Mav Jones is knows what its like to build happy and resilient teams.

Blu Jays fan, Toronto living, Jason Goodman is the Product Leader at LEON.

Brooklyn native and VP pf People, Ordergroove, Karen Weeks.

Yoga teacher, Jasmine Sparks is an unrelenting force in wellness today.

Jason Etter runs marketing for Anstein and he writes funny things.

Heidi Tretheway global marketing leader by day, mother and brand builder by night.

Chris Gannon, founder at Captivate Talent, and a Jersey boy through and through.

Director and writer Danielle Fernando loves Humans and cake.

Pain doctor and sports med fellow, Sagar Parikh, MD also draws comic books in his off time.

Blogger in Chief, Brenda Rammer, writes words that sell.

Mother by day, Head of Operations at LEON by night, Jocelyn Tsai is the queen of all NYC food scene.

COVID-19 first responder, Ellie Amato has a passion for self-improvement.

Blogger in Chief , Lisa Bently writes words that inspire and motivate.

Opera singer, actor, and VP of Sales at SaaStr
Bryan Elsesser is a renaissance man from the great town of Long Island, NY.

Humans is an underground community of ambitious employees and savvy leaders striving to become mavericks and trailblazers in their industries.

With Humans, you get access to humans(and a whole lot more)...

Humans is an exclusive invite-only community of entrepreneurs, executives and employees hungry for badass educational content you can’t find anywhere else. We’re spending millions curating webinars, podcasts, articles and academic discussions led by some of the brightest minds and companies in the world. You won’t find it on Linkedin or Medium or some weekly newsletter. Nope. It lives here and here alone.

With Humans, it is our hope to shrink the massive distance between the entry level employee, the entrepreneur and the busy executive, allowing for a safe place where education, good conversation and a meshing of perspectives can happen organically.

Which, ultimately, leads me to you... 

You’re reading this right now because someone somewhere sees something in you or looks up to you or inspires to be you. It’s why you got an invite. My question for you is...